Doctors can become dissatisfied with working chairside.
Others are near the end of their chairside career.
Some are seeking supplemental income.

If you identify with any of these scenarios and would like to remain active in the dental community, dental expert witness work could be for you.
Dental Expert Witness Training

Brad Boeke, DDS and Vernon Krueger, DDS, JD, shine a light on the path and help you develop a plan in this two-day, life altering program.

Learn what it is to be a dental expert witness, how it serves your peers and community, how it can generate additional income that isn't chairside work, and how to market yourself as an expert witness. Review records and depositions from past trials and participate in a mock testimony with feedback and coaching. In addition to the vast knowledge shared, you’ll enjoy entertaining anecdotes from past trials and an authentic Texas BBQ ranch experience.

The First Ever Workshop of Its Kind

  • Learn what a legal expert witness is and the areas in which they work (you don’t have to go to court!)
  • Explore primary functions such as reviewing records, depositions, testifying, expert letters… and more
  • Analyze the structure and nuances of writing an expert letter
  • Discover depositions: how to conduct yourself, answer, and not get “trapped”
  • Understand how to review and correct the transcript from your deposition
  • Recognize how to prepare mentally and emotionally to testify at trial
  • Pinpoint how to market and attract clients
  • Identify how to bill and profit from your work as a dental subject matter expert witness
  • Provide your mock testimony, receive feedback from attendees and coaching from the instructors
  • Network with colleagues and enjoy a genuine Texas BBQ at Dr. Boeke’s ranch, The Cardboard Box.

Meet Your Educators

Brad Boeke, DDS
Dr. Boeke has served as a dental subject matter expert witness for 30 years, defending both doctors and patients. Having witnessed firsthand the benefits of participating as a dental expert witness, he is motivated to help his dental colleagues learn what they need to know and do to also become dental expert witnesses. Dr. Boeke has practiced general dentistry for 40 years, including surgical implants, restorations, and endodontics.

Vernon L. Krueger, DDS, JD
A founding partner of Krueger Law Group, LLP in Dallas, Vernon was a practicing general dentist before he graduated began practicing law in 1990. He has tried many healthcare liability cases, including wrongful death cases, to successful defense verdicts in various courts throughout the State of Texas, as well as representing physicians, dentists and nurses at the various licensing boards in the State of Texas with excellent outcomes.


Workshop Details

TUITION: $2,895

9am – 4pm

Course size limited to 10 attendees.
Register early.

2023 Workshops:
Feb 17-18
Apr 21-22
Jun 16-17


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