Think You’d Like to Be a Dental Expert Witness?

Learn what you need to know and do to leverage your skills, knowledge and experience into this profitable, rewarding side gig or career.

Virtual Workshop

As a dental expert witness, your testimony could be the difference between a win or a loss in a lawsuit, help educate the judge, or swing a jury.

From reviewing records/depositions, meeting with lawyers, writing expert letters, and being deposed/testifying, Dr. Boeke we will explore the role and responsibilities of the expert witness.

Join Dr. Boeke in illuminating the path. Uncover your next steps for becoming a dental expert witness.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover the roles and responsibilities of an expert witness
  • Recognize the skills, experience, training and/or proficiency required
  • Understand the pros, cons, and different scenarios in which you would work
  • Determine the benefits that can be yours as an expert witness

2023 Virtual Workshops

10am - Noon Central

Course is limited to 10 attendees.
Register early.

Dates To Be Announced